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MiMo 2G/3G/4G Rail Antenna with optional GNSS

Namn Användningsområde Frekvensband Antenninstallation
Tåg 2G/3G 4G WLAN/WIFI 2,4 WLAN/WIFI 5,8 MiMo Hålmontage
Tåg 2G/3G 4G WLAN/WIFI 2,4 WLAN/WIFI 5,8 GPS MiMo GNSS Hålmontage


The TRNM(G) MiMo antenna series is designed specifically for use on trains, trams and busses underground and overground. 2x2 MiMo Cell LTE Standard 4 hole fixing Approved to rail industry standards Incorporating two elements operating wideband across all frequencies from 698MHz to 6000MHz, the TRNM(G) range is versatile and future proof. The TRNM(G) series covers GSMR, 700MHz LTE, 800MHz TETRA and trunking bands along with all cellular and GSM frequencies, 2.4 & 5.8GHz WLAN, 2.6 GHz LTE and WiMAX all in one housing. The TRNM(G) has two DC grounded radiating elements, in versions with a GPS module it is protected by a gas discharge surge arrestor. Housed in a high impact, flame retardant Ultem housing, the TRNM(G) series is weatherproof ensuring that the antenna's performance is never compromised.